Nightmare chapter one

My fists are pounding on the hard cement door that remains solid and firmly shut. I can hear the screams coming from below, they sound like ferocious animals in pain. I know that they are just people like me, but the difference is that they have given up a long time ago. These humans that are almost not human, seem so demented that I am sick with fear. They are not like me; they live in their own ghostly shell. My hands start to cramp, and the screaming vibrated around me, sometimes a loud thump rattles my eardrum. I shriek louder, almost punching the door, I myself start to become like they are; losing my mind from the fear.
As my hands turn bloody, I start gasping from the shock. I somehow ended up here, but how? Where exactly am I? I turn around slowly as tears stream from my eyes. The horrible wails seem to have quieted so I creep slowly down the splintered stairs, knowing that in order to escape I must face the horrors ahead.
A hand reaches out of the darkness, grasping for me. “Please….please…” the voice whispers, but then it fades, there is nothing. I still hear some screeching, but as I wind through the eerie corridors, each one leading to more emptiness, I realize that somehow they ended up somewhere below me. I hope that I can find another way up before I have to go down.
Suddenly, a barrage of feisty lunatics jump into my path, and I scream as I turn around and run. Now where do I go? I think. Which turn will take me out? I have no idea, I can’t see anything. Blindly I stumble on, and finally I find myself at some stairs, going down. I can’t turn back around; the horrific humans are gaining. I have no choice, so I gulp in some stale air as I creep carefully down the cement stairs. Groaning and wailing assault my ears, drowning out what is coming for me behind. I finally can see, as I near the bottom steps, but now I wish that I couldn’t. A beam of light glows dimly from above, leaving the monsters in shadows. They are crowded together in a circle, intent on something in the middle. I cringe to think of what that might be, but am glad they are too busy to notice me.
Unfortunately, I am still being followed and now the screams are heard by the others. Now they turn around slowly….and quickly they run towards me. Before I can believe what I am seeing, I am surrounded. There is a loud siren blaring in the air, and then I realize it’s me.


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